Verified Truth

The Truth Is Indivisible
There Is Only One Truth

Most people can sense it. It's in the air. Something major is coming. It's as if it is inevitable and there's nothing you or anyone else can do.

Verified Truth is the home of TATP - The American Truth Project. Its purpose is to "begin". Begin heading off that inevitable, starting with an accurate understanding of the world around us. Doing that will require that we know the truth of things, as closely as  can be determined.

We are going to attempt to do something that no one has ever done before; determine truth with precision on a grand scale, using "Descartes" a special "truth engine" developed especially for the job.

The idea is to “plug” all candidates for truth into the truth engine, whose active element is for now human logic. Descartes uses a process to deconstruct one sentence statements of proposed truth, or "hypothesis statements" into their fundamental parts or "premises".

It then tests each premise using rigorous analyses for quality and truthfulness. That process will ultimately output a "figure of merit" of 1-99% as to the probability of its truth. Issues will then be interactively dealt with on our forum:-


1) Jury Nullification

2) Article V Constitutional Convention



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